Helpful Vocabulary

12 Sep

I’ve run into a number of words lately that people seem to use in unusual ways. Some of these words, people don’t use at all, and they just make up definitions in their head for them without telling me what they are thinking. In an effort to clear up misunderstandings, I thought it might help for there to be a public record of what these words actually mean.

Diction – as in, “He has quite good diction.”
What it does not mean: “He makes love well.”
What it actually means: “He knows a lot of words and uses them correctly.”

Ferruginous – as in, “The canned clams are quite ferruginous.”
What it does not mean: “The clams are riddled with fungus.”
What it actually means: “The clams are high in iron.”

Fie – as in, “Fie on you.”
What it does not mean: “I am a giant, and don’t have time to say ‘fee, fo, or fum’.”
What it actually means: “You should be ashamed.”

Ignorant – as in, “I forgot, you remain ignorant of the court’s decision.”
What it does not mean: “You prejudiced and embarrassing twat. How dare you not know something I haven’t told you yet.”
What it actually means: “I’m sorry for going on as if you knew what I was talking about.” It is important to note that people seem to be using this word as an insult, so if you use it, they will think you are insulting them, and then they will be angry at you for having good diction.

Internecine – as in, “There may have been some sort of internecine conflict.”
What it does not mean: “You are so ignorant! I am clearly better than you.”
What it actually means: “Maybe they fought and both sides got hurt.”

Inured – as in, “Don’t worry, I’m inured.”
What it does not mean: “I know a word that you don’t and that makes me better than you, so worry about yourself.”
What it actually means: “I’m used to it.”

Hopefully, this will clear up some misunderstandings.


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