Why is Traveller a classic? Part 5

28 Oct

And here is a map of Benji’s starship. This method of starship mapping isn’t part of the three basic books, but does go back almost to the beginnings of the game. It first appeared in Traveller Supplement 7 – Traders and Gunboats, first published in 1980, three years after the first three books came out. In that book it is established that two 1.5 meter squares, given a 3 meter height, represent one “ton”, in that, that volume would displace one ton of liquid hydrogen. And in Traveller it is impossible to have a starship that is not a significant portion liquid hydrogen (to fuel the power plants and drives). Indeed, 40% of this map is used to store hydrogen fuel. At least, it’s supposed to be 40%. I hope I got it right.

I tried to make the starship plan a cross between the standard Traveller scout ship plan, that 100 ton arrowhead shaped design, and the shape of a Cobra MkIII, from Oolite. I did so love my Cobra MkIII back when I was still a brand new commander.

The background comes to you from Terranova, the screen saver. The actual map was done on a ten-year old (or there-abouts) version of Illustrator, but I packed my other computer already, and this is the best vector art program I could get to work on my netbook. The starship plan and the background were combined in GIMP.


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