Thanksgiving rocked

26 Nov

Well,  here I am in New Jersey, waiting for the moving company to bring the cargo pods containing most of the stuff I own. (Although right now I am willing to concede “stuff that owns me”.)

Fortunately I was able to get the first part of the move done and be here for Thanksgiving with my folks. They put brandy in the sangria which was a little surprising, also considering that I hadn’t eaten anything except a couple bowls of soup all day because I was going to eat a lot for Thanksgiving dinner.

So, yeah, sangria…

Then this family came over with all their children, three girls, 3, 5, and 8, and a boy, 17. The boy was pretty chill, ate, hung out, cracked wise at movies with us. The little girls were party animals.

First off, they (but mainly the 8 year old) were super excited by the food. They were literally singing because they were so excited by mashed potatoes and gravy. “Mashed potatoes and gravy… Stuffing and gravy… Turkey and Gravy… We don’t even know what that is but give us one (a brussels sprout). Yeah, one is enough.” I swear, they tossed back food like they were full grown body builders. The 8 year old ate dinner, and then ate cookies, and then ate asiago cheese and crackers, and then ate pumpkin pie, and then ate another large slab of turkey and stuffing with gravy, and then might have had more cookies, but I lost track track of her because…

Then they ran around howling and partying until someone got hurt.

Really, there is not a lot they can do to party harder than this. At your most wasted, this is how you guys party hard. And if you partied harder, how? Maybe you lost track of one or more items of clothing. (Yes, I have ended an evening or two without pants.) Maybe you ended up covered in something that would not have made sense earlier in the evening. (Scented oil, silly string, and whipped cream are things I can site from my own party career.)

That’s it, two things. I can only think of two ways that these little girls can party harder, and I have to admit the very real possibility that the very next time that 8 year old is faced with a spread containing an impressive amount of mashed potatoes and gravy that she will not end the evening with gravy spilled on her, and have to borrow a sleep shirt to wear, and thus she and her family might then forget the clothes she arrived wearing.

Done, at age 9, to have partied to the limits of human capabilities. Seriously, all harder partying involves serious health risks. In fact, as they get older, they will most assuredly want to rethink the running around and howling until someone receives a head injury, since to an adult, falling down and hitting your head is already a serious health risk.

So yeah, it rocked.


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