22 Oct

Remember back in January, on January 12th in fact, I asked you, internet, to download public domain silent films and help me dub funny things onto them. And there is no reason this should not have happened. I hang out with artists, musicians, anarchist revolutionaries, internationally renouned photographers, filmmakers, sordid New York City playwrites, and notorious jazz men. I count among my internet friends publishers, novelists, and infamous weirdos.

And none of you had time to do this!

I even downloaded What Shall We Do With Our Old, because it is exaclty 100 years old and I felt it was very timely considering the danger Social Security is in. Plus that scene where the foreman checks out all the carpenters at their work and disapproves of the old guy, it seriously needs someone to say, “I’d hate to shoot a butt like that.” But no! Nobody said it with me!

What were you doing instead?


We could have been like Woody Allen making What’s Up Tiger Lily, but instead you were watching My Little Pony.

Listen, I like cartoons. Since January I have watched a metric swear* ton of cartoons. I have watched Fritz the Cat, all the René Laloux films, Kino’s Journey, Darker than Black, Sacred Blacksmith, Ergo Proxy, Wakfu, Samurai Champloo, and… whatever else I watched.

And despite the danger that bronies implied lay in watching My Little Pony, I tried watching that too.

And I was unimpressed.

OK, that was pretty cool.

That was awesome! You are forgiven.

Is it just me, or is Pinky Pie Equestria’s Tom Cruise. Cute as swear* and completely nuts.

*I forgot which swear words go there.


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