Hey I wrote a haiku in Toki Pona

19 Mar

You wanna hear it? Here it go.  <- Ha ha, obscure David Alan Grier referrence

kasi weka len
alasa ale pini
tenpo insa ni

It means something along the lines of:

Naked trees
Gathering all done
Inside time

It was really difficult to write a haiku in a language with only 123 words in it, but there it is. I did it. I should try some calligraphy to show it off nicely.

How about Hiragana.


That’s pretty good. But maybe we could try something else. Jonathan Gabel developed a unique script for Toki Pona.


Man oh man, calligraphy is fun. That is a cool looking poem. But Sitelen Sitelen isn’t just a phonetic syllabary. There are also glyphs for each word. Let’s write the poem with those.


Awesome! Because each line of the poem contains the same number of words, even though a different number of syllables, the glyphs representing individual words can still form this cool square.

Oh hey, on this site, each Toki Pona word is assigned a Kanji. I could have written it in a little square of Kanji characters.


Gorgeous! Well that was fun. I’ll try to do another calligraphy project soon.

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